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Property management

Millard Realty & Construction Has over 500 units available for rent in the Carson City / Dayton NV area

- 1 bedroom apartments

- 2 bedroom apartments

-  2 & 3 Bedroom Condos / Houses


Dwight C. Millard


Construction Services

Millard Realty & Construction can take your building from concept to complete.  We have been building homes for the past thirty years and can handle any size of project.  We take our clients through the stages of designing their project, assuring they get the product they want, and making sure it fits into their budget.    Design - Bid - Build                                  

REal Estate

Millard Realty & Construction has three fantastic Real Estate agents who personally care for each of their clients and their needs, whether it's buying or selling real estate. Dwight has his broker's license and oversees and assists the other agents.

Sandra Page Millard (cell 220-8135)

- Uno "Swede" Stolt (cell 240-5523)


About US


Millard Realty & Construction was established in Carson City in 1961 by the former father of the family, Gordon Millard (1901-1998).  Gordon was an ordained minister for over 50 years, and started Millard Realty during his tenure in Carson City.  He foresaw the need in Carson City for housing and anticipated a lot of growth for the capital of Nevada.  At one time, all three of his sons, Virgil (1921-2003), Vern, and Dwight, plus numerous grandchildren, have worked in the company.  Dwight remains involved in the overall day to day operations of Millard Realty & Construction and it's subsidiaries.  


‚ÄčDee Mindling manages our office and oversees our rental units.  Dee is assisted by Irene Ledezma, who is bi-lingual and has been invaluable with translation assistance for home buys and renters.  Ruth Hughes is our comptroller and efficiently manages all finances.  Brad Spriggs is responsible for overseeing, bidding and managing all our outside projects plus IT services.  Our office is rounded out with our three Real Estate Agents, Sandra Page Millard (Dwight's wife), Uno "Swede" Stolt and Dan McCraw. (See "Real Estate")