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Millard Realty has been in business since 1961. My  husband, Dwight and my brother-in-law Vern Millard worked with their Dad, Gordon Millard, who established and worked at the company until he died at the old age of 98 in 1999. Dwight and I have been working together as owners / operators since 2004.

​ Prior to joining Millard Realty my most recent experience includes being self-employed in Miami Beach as a mortgage consultant with Wells Fargo and owner / operator of Sandra Page Realty, Inc. Prior to that I was an executive, Sales and Marketing Director, International Sales  and Marketing Manager and licensed Real Estate Broker covering all south Florida communities of GE/Trafalgar Developers of FL, Inc.  

Your Wants and Needs

​If you are selling and would like a market valuation of your home with comparable properties, I would be happy to provide it to assist you in determining your asking price.

​If your needs include investing in multi-family, land or commercial property, please do not hesitate to call.

Sandra Page Millard

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